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Easy to use, more transparent for your holders

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Create products you want to give away

Products can later be added to rewards.

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Set up a reward

Create a nice reward that you can use to push your NFT project. Holders can utilize their NFT to participate in a raffle or claim the reward.

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Push your NFT project

Use your rewards for marketing or to treat your NFT holders. Thanks to all rewards are fully transparent, even if NFT is traded in secondary market.

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Connect wallet

To be able to claim a reward users need to connect their wallet. We will check automatically if the user is the current holder of this NFT and is allowed to claim the reward.

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Easily check if you have won

Entering the token id is all a NFT holders need to do to check if one of their NFTs has won a reward.

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Be fully transparent

If you give out rewards NFTs can still be traded in the secondary market. Give your community a tool to check which rewards have been claimed or not.

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Set incentives for the future

Plan upcoming rewards to increase the value of your NFTs.