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NFT #43 won a hoodie

NFT #277 won a celeb meet & greet

NFT #754 won 2 tickets for Austria vs. Denmark

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Keep focusing on your project - not on reward fullfillment

With you can fully automate rewards for your NFT community.

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Stay in the loop - see all your rewards

When utilizing rewards for your NFT project it's hard to keep track of what's going on.

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See how your reward promotion performs

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Keep track of running rewards

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Plan upcoming rewards and push your NFT project

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Choose who can claim rewards

Decide if you want to raffle a reward or if any NFT that comes with certain traits can claim.

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Keep track of claims

Get a smart to-do list to handle your claims. Mark them as complete as soon as you've sent out the reward.

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"We've been using to kick start our OEFB NFT collection. Holders easily claimed tickets for sold-out home games, meet & greets with players and more."

Simon-Peter Charamza Image
Simon-Peter Charamza

Head of Development & Digital Projects, ÖFB (Austrian Football Association)